Lesbian Death Slutz From Hell


post punk grunge

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Lesbian Death Slutz from Hell formed in 2019 when the members of the group were living and jamming together in Morningside, Auckland. Since then, we have evolved from alternative art punk with swelling synth and dynamic groove to pumping tunes full of grooves to make you move and dance. Featuring Evelyn's stomping drums, Sophie's sizzling synth all over Shannon's heavy bass line to keep you feeling naughty. Evelyn is formerly from Victoria with Jazmine Rose Philips and Zembla playing shows across Auckland & Wellington, first performing debut at the Sydney Opera house tap dancing in Annie the musical. Sophie hails from a sonic art background playing improvisational synth in Slitpoia. Shannon has played in festivals and shows all around NZ as Cowboy Gangsters, Shadowcat, Midnight Poetry Band, Pussy Riot, and Christmas at the zoo (age 8).